Launch your STO/ICO through QuillHash’s Tokenic Platform

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Here are some features of Quillhash’s ICO/STO Tokenic Platform which will help you build the perfect STO or ICO Dashboard as per your needs.

About Tokenic –

Tokenic is an advanced, fully automated and secure ICO/STO launch platform which makes token sale effortless for projects thus empowering them to focus on investor relations and development of the project.
All Solutions under one roof, for any startup to launch its own ICO/STO within 1 week.

1. KYC/AML checks

We cohesively integrate customizable KYC/AML (manual and third party (Jumio /sum and substance )) feature to filter malicious individuals so only genuine users participate in your token-sale.

2. Custom Smart contracts

You can deploy Smart Contracts on multiple platforms to determine the creation and distribution of ICO tokens implementing the exchange rate between currencies and tokens. We develop highly secure, user-customizable Smart Contracts

3. Smart contract Auditing

QuillAudits ( Our very own Smart Contracts Security Audit Platform ) is integrated in token sale platform and it ensures the reliability of your Smart Contracts by identifying potential flaws and code vulnerabilities

4. Bounty & Referral program

We provide Fully integrated Bounty feature on token-sale platform. Admin can manage user interaction and allocate tokens according to user activity. You can also set two-tier referral program for investors to spread the word about your project

5. Multiple Payment Options

We help you integrate 10+ different cryptocurrencies and Kyber network integration in your token-sale platform. The investor is presented with a list of cryptocurrencies and altcoins with live exchange rates to buy tokens. Tokenic integration with Kyber Network is going to provide users the option to participate in these token sales using a wide range of tokens. This integration demonstrates our liquidity protocol’s natural fit into such token sale platforms to benefit both the projects and the users.

6. Multi-Security layer

We integrate 2FA or OTP security in your dashboard because an extra layer of extra security is never harmful.

7. CMS

With our Advanced CMS integration, you can configure the content across all your webpages with a single click and then modify the content for each page as per your business model requirements

Quillhash ICO/STO Cabinet Platform is already used by 15+ projects Worldwide.

Launch your blockchain project with Quillhash:

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At QuillHash, we understand the Potential of Blockchain and have a good team of developers who can develop any blockchain applications like Smart Contracts, dApps,Smart Coins, DeFi, DEX on the any Blockchain Platform like EthereumEOS and Hyperledger.

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Don’t Rush⚡

In crypto, we all like to move fast, grab the most hyped thing to shell out millions in a minute.

But at the same time, we forget that we are the most vulnerable ones as well.

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