Blockchain Weekly – Trends in Blockchain #2

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  • The Roadmap to Serenity. Read More
  • A Journey Through Phase 2 of Ethereum 2.0 Read More
  • Ethereum Essence: Complex Consensus Operations. Read More
  • SKALE Decentralized Storage. Read More
  • Introducing Instant Matching. Read More
  • Decentraland’s Path Toward Scaling Transactions. Read More
  • Public project launch: Raiden Light Client SDK and dApp. Read More

Bitcoin & Altcoin News

  • The Economic Impact of Ether Whales on the Market. Read More
  • Initial Exchange Offerings. Read More
  • SEC delays decision on VanEck/SolidX ETF proposal, seeking public comments. Read More
  • WHY BITCOIN? Read More
  • Kik and the SEC: What’s Going On and What Does It Mean for Crypto? Read More

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FAST, GASLESS, ERC20 Payments With Loom Plasmachain!!

  • Harbor partners with Rhodium for another go at bringing tokens to real estate. Read More
  • Stellar’s ‘decentralized’ blockchain crashed for 2 hours and nobody realized. Read More
  • How to write upgradable smart contracts in solidity! Read More
  • Introducing Substrate Smart Contracts with Ink. Read More
  • Seoul to launch blockchain-based citizen card. Read More
  • The Flexa network is open for business. Read More
  • Facebook Registers Secretive ‘Libra’ Cryptocurrency Firm in Switzerland. Read More
  • Free Markets and the Future of Blockchain. Read More
  • World Bank and CBA record secondary bond trading on a blockchain. Read More
  • Codename ‘TRUEngine’: GE Aviation, Microsoft Reveal Aircraft Parts Blockchain. Read More

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$NUWA failed to rug on BSC and was front-run by the MEV bot 0x286E09932B8D096cbA3423d12965042736b8F850.

The bot made ~$110,000 in profit.

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Amidst FTX Saga, Hacker Swept More Than $25 Million in 2nd week of November

The contract reinvested (the earn function was not called) before the user pledged (depositAll function) without settling the reward, which means that when the user pledged, the contract did not settle the previous reward and instead conducted a new investment.

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