Blockchain Weekly – Trends in Blockchain #4

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  • State of Ethereum Protocol #2: The Beacon Chain. Read More
  • Authereum: Improving Authentication on Ethereum Read More
  • See What’s Under the Hood: Kaleido Full-Stack Blockchain Read More
  • Chainlink: Connected Consensus on Ethereum Read More
  • Making Sense of State Channels Part 1: What Are They Good For? Read More
  • DeFi-ing Tradition: How MakerDAO Helps Cultivate the DeFi Ecosystem Read More
  • Introducing Sablier: Continuous Payments on Ethereum Read More
  • WBTC Community Update #1 Read More

Other Blockchain Trends

  • Transforming Healthcare: Blockchain based Medical prescription tracking Read More
  • EOS Smart Contract Development: Understanding fundamental concepts for writing dApps on EOS. Read More
  • 0x and StarkWare have teamed up to scale DEX trades by 20x Read More
  • Meaningful Product Development in the Crypto Landscape Read More
  • State Farm, USAA to Pay Each Other Insurance Claims on Blockchain by 2020 Read More
  • Encrypted Email Service Launches on Blockstack With Bitcoin Features Read More
  • JPMorgan Adds Privacy Features to Ethereum-Based Quorum Blockchain Read More

Bitcoin & Altcoin News

  • Bitcoin: an Accounting Revolution Read More
  • Is Bitcoin Too Risky to Own? Read More
  • Japanese Financial Services Agency Approaches Crypto ETFs With Caution, Cites Volatility Read More
  • Tron Founder’s Winning $4.5 Million Bid Nets Dinner With Warren Buffet Read More
  • Who Has the Power, Retail or Institutional Investors? Read More
  • Kik is Crowdfunding $5 Million in Crypto to Help Fight SEC Read More
  • Bitfinex is looking to launch Tether on the Lightning Network by the end of the year, and an exec says it’s ‘one of the coolest things’ they’ve ever done Read More

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Binance Smart Chain was compelled to suspend operations on Thursday due to a "potential exploit". The attacker moved over half million in cryptocurrency from the @binance -linked blockchain.



In one of the protocol's lending pools, an exploiter escaped with over 44 RBTC by employing a price manipulation method.



We request BSC Validators to get in touch with us within the next few hours so that we can plan a node upgrade.

We'd like to thank the community again for their continuous support.


A spammer has caused havoc for Zcash node operators by filling transaction Blocks with a large number of shielded transaction outputs. Many believe this is a FUD designed to draw attention.





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90 Types of Crypto Worth $160M Stolen 🚨

It was observed from the Omni bridge source code that the logic to verify chainID was present, but the verified chainID used in the contract was pulled from a value stored in the storage named uintStorage.

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