Blockchain Weekly – Trends in Blockchain #6

Table of Contents

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  • Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 set to launch on 3rd January 2020 Read More
  • ERC-1155: The Final Token Standard on Ethereum Read More
  • Sidechains vs Plasma vs Sharding Read More
  • zk-SNARKs vs. Zk-STARKs vs. BulletProofs? Read More
  • Gas Spectrum Transactions Read More
  • Rent, Pruning, 10x Scaling and Six Stages, Ethereum 1.0 Might be the Biggest Upgrade Yet Read More
  • DeFi: What it Is and Isn’t (Part 1) Read More
  • Accelerating The Adoption Of DeFi Read More
  • StarkDEX Deep Dive: Introduction Read More
  • Counting Shit on Ethereum Read More
  • The State of Ethereum dApp Desktop Wallet Integrations Read More
  • A Protocol for Issuing Tokens Launches on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Read More
  • Ethereum Dapps without the Web Read More

Other Blockchain Trends

  • Thoughts on Libra “Blockchain” Read More
  • 100 Japanese manufacturers to use blockchain to cut costs Read More
  • Introduction to EY Nightfall — How does it make token transactions private? Read More
  • Blockchain is Just One Chapter in the Larger Story Being Written by Cryptography Right Now Read More
  • Loom PlasmaChain is Now Interoperable with TRON (+Exclusive Relentless TCG Card Packs and a Chance to Win up to ~$13,500 USD in TRX prizes!) Read More

Blockchain & Altcoin News

  • Binance launches bitcoin-pegged token on Binance Chain Read More
  • Facebook’s cryptocurrency partners revealed—we obtained the entire list of inaugural backers Read More
  • Crypto Exchange Bittrex to Block US Users From Trading in 32 Cryptos Read More
  • Crypto Exchange to Block US Customers from Trading Read More
  • Polish Bank Alior Uses Public Ethereum Blockchain For New Document Authentication Feature Read More
  • 14 Banks, 5 Tokens: Inside Fnality’s Expansive Vision for Interbank Blockchains Read More
  • What is your best atom staking strategy? Read More

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⏸️Venus Protocol suspended for 48 hours

A $LUNA price discrepancy resulted in an $11M exploit

Venus Protocol Loses $11M Due to Chainlink Suspension of $LUNA Price Oracle.


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📉Why $LUNA and $UST crash?

The debacle started when Terra’s algorithmic-based Stablecoins #TerraUSD, pegged against the dollar, started falling.

#Crypto exchange @binance temporarily stopped the withdrawal of #UST and #LUNA.

It leads to a cascading effect on the prices.

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OpenSea’s official Discord compromised in a phishing attack 🌊

OpenSea, a popular marketplace on the Ethereum network, suffered a Discord server compromise. Here, scam links were posted in the server’s announcement channel announcing a partnership with YouTube and the mint of exclusive NFTs on the platform.

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