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QuillTrace has made it to the top 7 out of 176 blockchain startups in Starfleet Program. Starfleet is a full-service global acceleration program for seed-stage startups utilizing blockchain by AE VENTURES, an investment company providing initial funding, acceleration, and advisory support to blockchain projects.

This journey was not at all a roller coaster ride for QuillHash, and the competition was not easy though, but we are just one step away from the opportunity, and we would like to thank AE Ventures for making this opportunity happen.

There were workshops and deep analysis of the presence of competitors to make up to this stage and we are here now, and we enjoyed this journey accompanied by different intellectual speakers all across the globe where the exchange of knowledge was worthy to spend time

We are inviting you to join us on this occasion and witness the final pitch at your home in your comfort, there will be a presence of great guest speakers and the other players of Starfleet will also be along

As we said, the journey was not easy for any player, here are the other six players

Please join us at demo day, register yourself here for free:

Tarun Rama, CBO of QuillHash Technologies have something in his bag, do listen to his words here:

And, do follow QuillTrace :

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Due to the fact that Web3 technology is still in its infancy, new types of attacks are possible. Some attacks, like ice phishing, are specific to Web3, while others resemble credential phishing attacks.




The $BEVO NFT Art Token (BEVO) on BSC was exploited, resulting in a $45,000 loss.

The root cause of the exploit is that BEVO is a deflationary token. By invoking function deliver(), the value _rTotal will decrease.

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Thoreum Finance on the BNB chain was exploited on January 18, 2023. The exploit resulted in the protocol losing approximately 2261 BNB (~$680K).

✔ Check out our latest article to learn more about how it happens.👇


#web3 #Security #Audit


phyProxy on BSC was attacked, resulting in a loss of 1.2K BUSD.

The root cause is a forced investment due to the delegate calls unverified input in the public delegateCallSwap function.

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Amidst FTX Saga, Hacker Swept More Than $25 Million in 2nd week of November

The contract reinvested (the earn function was not called) before the user pledged (depositAll function) without settling the reward, which means that when the user pledged, the contract did not settle the previous reward and instead conducted a new investment.

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