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Knowing the criticalness of the situation prevailing globally, hon’ble prime minister Narendra Modi has announced lockdown 4.0. This article discussed the major point he has discussed in his address to the nation and its solution, we will be falling light on the supply chain importance and its solution.

We all are familiar with the present situation which is scaring the whole world, COVID-19. After WHO Declared this outbreak as a pandemic of the world, the exponential rise in the infected peoples WHO found to be coronavirus positive.

Coronavirus live status update

Image courtesy: Times of India

Sensing the situation lockdown in India is extended and lockdown 4.0 is announced as lockdown extended to 31 May 2020. In his address to lockdown 4.0 message, along with different key issues, his message was revolving around the supply chain problem in India and encouraging the supply chain, he wants India’s supply chain to be stronger in coming times.

With his intelligence, he took a good decision for lockdown 4.0 and lockdown extended in India. Lockdown in India doesn’t affect the lives only, it is shattering the economy and both are important for India as a nation, so lockdown in India can’t be open as of now, neither can the economy be ignored so the prime minister playing smart has encouraged local trade in his message.
He, in his message, has stated five pillars of self-reliant India:

First Pillar: Economy
Second Pillar: Infrastructure
Third Pillar: Technology-driven system
Fourth Pillar: Demography
Fifth Pillar: Demand

Image courtesy: Bjp India

Easily observed from his vision, he is concerned about the strengthening of the supply chain for a quantum boost in the economy.

India, with the right blend of the physical and the virtual, can emerge as the global nerve centre of complex modern multinational supply chains in the post COVID-19 world

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India

He shows his concern for making the supply chain more strong and more resilient and finding a supply chain solution.

Narendra Modi has stated a technology-driven system for a self-reliant India. Globe is looking for a technologically driven solution for supply chain management, as QuillTrace is a technologically advanced solution to almost all present supply chain problems which enables real-time tracking with other advanced features.

Supply chain solution is a global concern and peoples are doing innovations with technology to make supply chains more optimized and consumers, as well as producers, are demanding more transparency throughout the supply chain and global supply chain leaders are finding the best option to knock out this problem.

In every industry supply chain is facing some serious problems, you can read more about the importance of supply chain management and supply chain solutions here:

And still if you want to know more, we welcome you to talk in-personal, here:

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