Month: June 2022



A new and COMPLEX scam ⚠️⚠️

— Discord accounts with/without 2FA can be compromised

Malicious Javascript is added at the end of legitimate URLs to target communities and steal their discord auth tokens.



LIVE #AMA with @AssureDefi

🎁Rewards: 100 $USDT

📅 29th Sept at 6:30 pm IST

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👋 A Big Hello to Web3 Community!

We work together, create a secure #Web3 ecosystem & explore synergies to mitigate the security threats through our Partner’s program.

Our notable partners-

🤝Polygon DAO,
..and many more!


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Sounds Interesting, Right? All you have to do is:


Refer QuillAudits to Web3 projects for audits.


Earn rewards as we conclude the audits.


Thereby help us Secure web3 ecosystem.

Total Rewards Shared Out: $190K+