📉Why $LUNA and $UST crash?

The debacle started when Terra’s algorithmic-based Stablecoins #TerraUSD, pegged against the dollar, started falling.

#Crypto exchange @binance temporarily stopped the withdrawal of #UST and #LUNA.

It leads to a cascading effect on the prices.

📢 We are excited to announce that we have officially engaged @QuillAudits to #Audit our smart contract code.

we are getting closer and closer to Launch.


🚨Last week in #Web3 security-

⚠️@opensea - NFT marketplace on @Ethereum network, suffered a @Discord hack.

⚠️DEX @MMFcrypto Suffers $2M Exploit.

⚠️@feiprotocol on @RariCapital exploited for $80M.


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When it comes to NFT hacks in 2022, Sports #NFT platform @Lympo_io suffered the worst loss when it experienced a hot wallet #security breach and lost #tokens worth $18.7M in Jan'22.

Here’s how these #hacks are helping the #crypto industry evolve: https://blog.quillhash.com/2021/11/19/role-of-rising-nft-defi-hacks-in-the-evolution-of-crypto-industry/


⬆️How to write upgradable smart contracts in @solidity_lang!

The Topic of upgradeable contracts is not very new to the world of @ethereum.

There are some different approaches to upgrading smart contracts.

A concise thread 🧵

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