Rug Pull

Can smart contract audits help preempt rug pulls in the DeFi space

How Audits can Help Preempt Rug Pull

Read Time: 4 minutes Decentralized Finance, aka DeFi, can give some great returns. However, there is a possibility of disastrous situations where investors could end up with big losses. In DeFi lingo, these situations are described as rug-pulls. The issue has been widespread in DeFi projects, and not even the whales have escaped unscathed. Any incident of rug-pull not …

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Guide to understand Rug Pulls and ways to avoid them

The Rise of Exit Scams & Rug Pulls

Read Time: 5 minutes Ever since their introduction, cryptocurrencies have attracted the eyes of investors and hucksters alike. Though the crypto space is characterized by some institutional investors and thin liquidity, it is also rife with scammers. The nature of scams on crypto networks has also paralleled their infrastructure development. Since blockchains were new and primitive, the illicit activities …

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